What to Expect

Thank you for scheduling your free consultation! Read below to understand what to expect at your free consultation.

Our process is designed to empower you, the patient, to be in control of your healthcare decision. We take a step-by-step approach designed to provide the information to guide your decision for each next step.

Step one: FREE Consultation
Completed in-person or over the phone, this is your opportunity to learn all about us, ask questions, and learn about the treatments we offer and the conditions we treat. We will discuss in detail the potential treatment options, why they are effective, and our step-by-step process that helps you learn what you need to know to decide on your care, including insurance coverage and treatment length.

What you will need:
Please bring your insurance information to determine which procedures will be covered. If necessary, do some research on your prior medical records so that we can better discuss your condition.

Step Two: Physical Exam and Diagnosis
This step is designed to diagnose your condition, determine if you may be a good candidate for a successful outcome, and recommend a treatment plan. This step is completed in-person with our medical staff. This appointment will be billed to your insurance provider.

Medical History
We will ask about your pain’s location, intensity, duration, and any aggravating or relieving factors. They’ll inquire about any recent injuries, falls, or repetitive activities you engage in. Additionally, we’ll explore your medical history, including conditions like arthritis, gout, and diabetes that could contribute to pain.

Physical Examination
We will examine you, inspecting for swelling, tenderness, warmth, and any visible deformities. We’ll assess your range of motion, checking how well you can bend and move your joint. Additional tests as needed depending on the severity of your pain and the specific location.