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“I had my second shot yesterday… and today I stood for eight hours with no pain!”

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Patient Reviews


I’m an active 55 year old male who has tried cortisone shots, Synvisc injections and ultimately meniscus repair. I continued to experience daily pain and it limited my activity level, which included golf, basketball, and hiking.

It has now been a month since my 1st PRP injections, and it has truly been a life changer! I have no more hesitation when running, and my pain is completely gone.

Jay B


I felt like a person, and not a number here. They take time, listen, and explain everything. Everyone here is friendly and very efficient. I am pleased with one knee and look forward to the other knee being in the same place!

Linda M


Wonderful and friendly staff. Great results as well. Thank you Joint Regeneration staff for all you do!

Deena J

Very professional and knowledgeable. I have been recommending to anyone who asks about my knee procedure. Thank you Joint Regeneration Group!

Elaine G

The folks at Joint Regeneration of Virginia explained the process, worked with my insurance company, and made the appointments easy. The shots were virtually painless, and within weeks after the last shot, I saw a huge difference.

Karen H

The entire staff are just totally awesome! So friendly and caring! I already seeing improvement in both knees. I recommend this to anyone with knee issues.

Linda J

If you have tried pain reduction treatments before, we may still be able to help. We can determine if our non-surgical treatments are right for you.